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News at Whitstable Yacht Club

Club News - September

Kit in changing rooms

As we prepare to re-open the club’s changing rooms, we need to ensure equipment is not stored loose to reduce contact risk and make it easier to clean. Equipment in the changing rooms must be kept in lockers, or removed. There is currently a large amount of wetsuits and other equipment currently loose or hanging in the changing rooms. This will be transferred to the respective lost property scran bins by the weekend, and the cleaner will also be tasked with moving any loose kit into the scran bins on a daily basis. The wetsuit hanging rails will be removed. If you have kit stored on the rails or in the changing rooms outside of lockers, please remove it before this weekend.

Masts stored in Lower Rigden Shed

To reduce the number of people who need to have access to Lower Rigden Shed we have been moving equipment out to be stored elsewhere. There are still quite a few masts and booms hanging in the rafters. Ideally these should be removed from the shed and stored elsewhere, but in the short term they at least need to be labelled so that the owner can be notified in case equipment does need to be moved, and we can be sure that they are not abandoned. If you have a mast, boom or large equipment in the Lower shed, please can you remove it where possible, or if not make sure that it’s clearly labelled with your name and details. A quick review has identified the following:
Tasar? (Missing top section);
Wanderer? (Selden x2 look new ish);
Mirror (Gaff, boom and mast);
Topper Boom x2;
Windsurf mast x2;
Wanderer? (Old, Bob Bell on label);
Dart/ Cat mast x2;
Smaller (420?) mast x 2; and
x1 carbon mast (B14?).

Royal Yachting Association Membership - double commission offer for WYC during October

If you are not already an RYA member, please help us by joining during October 2020.  For every member who joins the Royal Yachting Association during this period, Whitstable Yacht Club will receive double commission which will give us benefits including help with purchasing of kit.  If you are interested please visit select “Joining Point” and input the following code: 008101399.  Alternatively call 023 80 60 4159 and quote the JP code.

Toilets, Changing Rooms and bar opening hours

The male and female toilets will open again from Saturday, September 26th meaning the current unisex toilet will revert to use as female toilets only. A clearly signed one way entry and exit system will be in operation. 
We aim to reopen the changing rooms from Saturday October 3rd to allow for enhancements to the ventilation prior to reopening. The numbers of concurrent users will be limited to ensure users are able to comply with social distancing rules, however members are encouraged follow the government guidance to arrive at the club already changed wherever possible. 
Further details on access to the changing rooms, storage of kit whilst on the water and reclaiming of kit already in the changing rooms but not in lockers will be provided next week. 
The bar opening hours for next week (from 28th Sept) are amended to Monday to Wednesday 2pm to 8pm, and Thursday to Sunday 12am to 8pm.

Sailing Schedule updated to the end of the season

The sailing schedule has now been updated to include organised sailing for October, November and December. The schedule follows the current pattern of Supported Sailing on Saturdays (where racing was originally scheduled), and club racing on Sundays. For the Sunday racing we will stick to the rostered members for Race Officer and Assistant, however please let us know ASAP if you are down to cover a race, but can no longer attend. We will be monitoring demand as the weather gets colder, and the schedule is subject to change if demand is low (due to lack of changing rooms, etc) or additional regulation or guidance comes out from the Government. 
We will continue to draw Support Boat Drivers and Crews from a smaller pool, anyone scheduled for those duties can stand down, but given the size and availability of Drivers and Crews, we do need volunteers who’d be willing to help. If you can, please contact Robert Govier Anyone scheduled for Saturday RO, ARO or Crew duties in September will not be required.