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News at Whitstable Yacht Club

Club News - March


As advertised previously, following an extensive clearout of the sail loft at the working party on 5 March, all unlabelled equipment found on unpaid racks and on the floor has been removed and stacked outside between the sea wall and Rigden Shed.  This equipment is due to be disposed of next month, commencing 5 April.  Please come and check your equipment and mark it up with your name before the 5th. Sailing Sec

Welcome to our new Commodore!

Andrew Jackson was voted in as Commodore at the AGM last week. For those who don’t know Andy, he’s provided the below introduction:

I started sailing age 11 when my family moved to Herne Bay in the early ‘70s – the Bay was still a popular and crowded holiday resort in those days. I raced Mirror 3290 at Herne Bay Sailing Club with my dad (it’s funny how those sail numbers stick!), and as a teenager I progressed to crewing in Hornets and Albacores, with the Hornet being favoured because it had a spinnaker and a trapeze; the trapeze was a rare and exotic contraption in those days. I sailed an OK for a bit, and I even did a bit of board sailing on the very first windsurfers when they became available in the UK in the late 1970s.

After a break from sailing, I joined Whitstable Yacht Club in 1997. At the time I was still living in London, where I worked as designer and lecturer, but I was finally drawn back to live by the sea a couple of years later when my family and I moved to Whitstable. I have sailed a wide variety of boats over the years including a Merlin Rocket (capsized a lot), a B14 (capsized even more), an RS600 (don’t ask), and finally splitting my time between a Tasar, which I sail with my wife Yvo, and a Laser. As an academic and design historian, I once published an article on the history of the Mirror dinghy – for those interested it can be found here:

I have been a Vice-Commodore for the club in the past and was very briefly Commodore in 2016, when I stepped up because the post had become unexpectedly vacant mid-term. Now that I’m semi-retired I have more time to devote to the club, so I have accepted the offer of being Commodore again, hopefully for a full term this time. When I’m not sailing, I can be found banging away on my double bass with my swing band at various music venues around Kent and occasionally at WYC parties.

Unlabelled equipment from Upper Rigdens Shed

Thank you to all the members who helped out at the Working Party on Saturday. It’s made a real difference to the club, and we’re ready for the start of the season!
A lot of unlabelled equipment was removed from Upper Ridgens Shed. If you think you’re missing anything, please check through the pile between the Sea Wall and Ridgens Shed ASAP. Anything remaining will be donated/skipped!