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Masts stored in Lower Rigden Shed

To reduce the number of people who need to have access to Lower Rigden Shed we have been moving equipment out to be stored elsewhere. There are still quite a few masts and booms hanging in the rafters. Ideally these should be removed from the shed and stored elsewhere, but in the short term they at least need to be labelled so that the owner can be notified in case equipment does need to be moved, and we can be sure that they are not abandoned. If you have a mast, boom or large equipment in the Lower shed, please can you remove it where possible, or if not make sure that it’s clearly labelled with your name and details. A quick review has identified the following:
Tasar? (Missing top section);
Wanderer? (Selden x2 look new ish);
Mirror (Gaff, boom and mast);
Topper Boom x2;
Windsurf mast x2;
Wanderer? (Old, Bob Bell on label);
Dart/ Cat mast x2;
Smaller (420?) mast x 2; and
x1 carbon mast (B14?).