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New Racing Rules

The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) are updated every four years just after the Olympics. The new 2009 rules therefore run through until after the next games, i.e 2012. ISAF has published the new rules. A summary of the changes with explanations, together with the new rules can be seen at (for those with access to this site).

The only major change concerns the rules at mark roundings (Rule 18). The old two boat length rule (the Zone) has become 3 boat lengths but provision is made for sailing instructions to change that to two boat lengths or four boat lengths, depending on the speed of the boats concerned. “Will this make any difference to me club racing at WYC” I hear you say. The answer is yes; after 1 January when you approach a mark the “Zone” for overlaps etc will be three boat lengths, not two.

For those racing in the winter series at Westbere, the change will be in mid season. Perhaps Westbere should hold a special “Zone” party on New Years Day!