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WYC changing rooms opening from this Saturday

The WYC changing rooms will be available from this Saturday October 3rd, however members are encouraged to follow government guidance and arrive ready for their activity and shower at home afterwards.
There will be a one way system in place for each of the male and female changing rooms, entry will be via the Sea Room. There should be no more than 6 in the male changing rooms at any time and no more than 6 in the female changing rooms. Only one shower will be available in each of the male and female facilities, and members are again encouraged to follow government advice and only use the showers if absolutely necessary, for example if suffering from cold or if there are special needs.
If using the changing room please do not leave anything out when you leave to take part in your activity. Belongings should be placed in lockers, if you do not have a locker then items should be placed in a bag and the bag left on hooks or taken out of the changing rooms. Nothing should be left in the changing rooms overnight unless it’s stored in a closed locker. The drying rail facility will not be available and items should not be left to dry in the changing rooms. Cleaning will take place daily and any articles found in the changing rooms will be placed in the respective scran bins.