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West Quay Works - Impact on boat parking

Representatives of the club met representatives from the harbour, the council and the contractors on Friday to discuss the impact of the West Quay works on WYC.

The work will start on Monday 16 March and is due to last 10 weeks, finishing on 22 May, just before the Spring Bank holiday.  The work will take place during the weekdays only.  There will be no weekend work.

Stores for the project, timber sheet piling etc will be stored on the beach adjacent to the West Quay.  There will be a couple of items of plant on the West Quay and they will need an area for cutting and preparing the piles.

We have agreed that they will extend the westward fence with Heras fencing towards the sea. This fence will then turn east, 25 metres from the end of the quay and go parallel to the end until it meets the existing fence.  The area outside this fence will be their preparation area.  We can use the compound inside.  The Heras fence will be locked but we will have access to a key.

The gated compound to the south of this area, which we are currently using for winter storage, will continue to be available to the club until the end of the project.  We will therefore not be losing any space overall, although there are no tie downs in this area.

Access:  There will be no access for the general public to the West Quay.  The main gates will be kept shut.  However:

During the week:  The main gates, the compound gates and the Heras fence will be kept locked. Keys will be kept in the office and the sailing school but access has to be by arrangement as we can’t have people wandering around the West Quay when work is in progress.

Weekends:  The main gates and the compound (but not the Heras fence) will be left unlocked so that club members can have easy access.

Boat parking.  The hon beachmaster and class captains will make a plan of who is to go where. The boats of regular sailors should be parked in the gated compound so they can have uninterrupted access during weekends.

Sailing area:  the contractors may lay some buoys 25 metres to the west of the quay to warn bathers, boaters etc to keep away from the works.  This should not present us with a problem. In any case later in the project work will only take place at low tide.

At the end of the project the contractors will leave their water supply and metered tap which will be handed over to the club. West Quay will then have a permanent washdown.  Hooray!

Any problems should be reported to Mel as she will be the point of contact with the contactors and the harbour master.