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News at Whitstable Yacht Club

WYC Committee Meeting Minutes

Whitstable Yacht Club is managed through a committee structure. Groups including the Sailing Committee, Bar&Catering Committee and House Committee report into the General Committee, which is responsible for the overall running of the club.

The minutes posted on this page have been taken at the regular meetings of the General and Sailing Committees. They will be posted as soon as possible following a meeting, but will not be agreed by the committee until the following meeting, so please treat them as draft until confirmed in the following meeting's minutes. If any changes are agreed at the following meeting, the updated minutes will be posted. For other meeting minutes, please contact the WYC Office.

Meeting Date Group Meeting Minutes
10/12/2018 General Committee -->Download<--
19/11/2018 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
18/11/2018 Meeting of Sailors -->Download<--
14/11/2018 Cadet Committee -->Download<--
12/11/2018 General Committee -->Download<--
22/10/2018 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
15/10/2018 General Committee -->Download<--
17/09/2018 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
10/09/2018 General Committee -->Download<--
13/08/2018 General Committee -->Download<--
23/07/2018 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
09/07/2018 General Committee -->Download<--
25/06/2018 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
11/06/2018 General Committee -->Download<--
21/05/2018 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
14/05/2018 General Committee -->Download<--
16/04/2018 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
09/04/2018 General Committee -->Download<--
24/03/2018 Annual General Meeting -->Download<--
19/03/2018 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
05/03/2018 General Committee -->Download<--
19/02/2018 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
11/02/2018 General Committee -->Download<--
15/01/2018 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
08/01/2018 General Committee -->Download<--
04/12/2017 General Committee -->Download<--
13/11/2017 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
12/11/2017 Meeting of Sailors -->Download<--
06/11/2017 General Committee -->Download<--
16/10/2017 General Committee -->Download<--
09/10/2017 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
11/09/2017 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
04/09/2017 General Committee -->Download<--
24/07/2017 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
23/07/2017 Special General Meeting -->Download<--
18/07/2017 General Committee -->Download<--
19/06/2017 General Committee -->Download<--
12/06/2017 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
22/05/2017 General Committee -->Download<--
08/05/2017 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
10/04/2017 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
03/04/2017 General Committee -->Download<--
18/03/2017 Annual General Meeting -->Download<--
13/03/2017 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
13/02/2017 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
30/01/2017 General Committee -->Download<--
05/12/2016 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
27/11/2016 Meeting of Sailors -->Download<--
24/10/2016 General Committee -->Download<--
10/10/2016 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
25/09/2016 General Committee -->Download<--
12/09/2016 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
12/09/2016 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
15/08/2016 General Committee -->Download<--
08/08/2016 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
25/07/2016 General Committee -->Download<--
11/07/2016 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
27/06/2016 General Committee -->Download<--
13/06/2016 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
23/05/2016 General Committee -->Download<--
09/05/2016 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
25/04/2016 General Committee -->Download<--
11/04/2016 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
14/03/2016 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
15/02/2016 General Committee -->Download<--
08/02/2016 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
18/01/2016 General Committee -->Download<--
22/11/2015 Meeting of Sailors -->Download<--
16/11/2015 General Committee -->Download<--
09/11/2015 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
19/10/2015 General Committee -->Download<--
12/10/2015 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
10/10/2015 Special General Meeting -->Download<--
21/09/2015 General Committee -->Download<--
14/09/2015 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
17/08/2015 General Committee -->Download<--
10/08/2015 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
27/07/2015 General Committee -->Download<--
13/07/2015 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
01/06/2015 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
18/05/2015 General Committee -->Download<--
27/04/2015 Sailing Committee -->Download<--
20/04/2015 General Committee -->Download<--
27/03/2015 Annual General Meeting -->Download<--
16/03/2015 General Committee -->Download<--
16/11/2014 Meeting of Sailors -->Download<--
28/03/2014 Annual General Meeting -->Download<--
22/03/2013 Annual General Meeting -->Download<--
General Committee -->Download<--
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